Did you know we offer puppy classes here at Northside Vet Centre?


Puppy socialisation classes are an important part of any puppy’s development into a well adjusted canine citizen!

Puppy classes at Northside Veterinary Centre aim to facilitate your puppy’s transition into a confident, well adjusted puppy.

When should you start puppy pre-school?

From 8-14 weeks of age, puppies go through what we call their “critical socialisation period”, which is a key developmental stage in which they are most receptive to learning and accepting new experiences.  They learn how to appropriately interact with humans, other dogs, and other animals – so we want to make the best use of this time.  This is where puppy preschool classes come in!

What to expect at puppy pre-school?

Classes are tailored to each group of puppies, but general topics covered are:


    • Socilisation and appropriate interaction with people and other dogs
    • General health care advice – diet, exercise, grooming and more!
    • Training and obedience
    • Toilet training tips and tricks
    • Familiarisation with the veterinary centre – making visits less stressful and a more positive experience
    • Addressing any issues such as mouthing/biting
About our four week puppy pre-school
Puppy pre-school is fantastic for building positive relationships, socialisation and developing deference. The main aim is for the puppies to have a safe environment for socialisation and learning and owners to be able to ask questions. The puppy pre-schools are run by a fear free certified staff member to ensure the puppies have only positive experiences during their socialisation period and get the best start to their development. 
How to enrol in a class?
We have a puppy class interest list that you can phone the reception team to be placed onto. We will generally run two classes each month which can fill quickly! Call as early as you can to be placed on the interest list and the staff member running the class will contact you with available dates.

Here are some of our recent graduates!